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Service Overview

MeNooN is dedicated to delivering innovative yet pragmatic solutions that deliver the best value to our customers. We have an uncompromising commitment to providing quality technical products and services, while meeting the highest moral and ethical standards in the performance of our jobs. Quality performance means two things. First, MeNooN takes considerable pride in satisfying its customers by delivering products and services that meet or exceed specified requirements at the agreed price and within schedule. Secondly, MeNooN is committed to continuously improving the processes by which products and services are delivered. The practice of continually honing these processes ensures that deliverables meets requirements without error, are completed quickly and are delivered to specification the first time. Customer appraisal of performance and overall satisfaction is critically important to MeNooN's reputation, and ultimately the key factor in its success.

Custom Software Development Services

MeNooN has been helping customers maximize their software technology investment. The corporate principles that we live by are simple: analyze the requirements in detail and form a true partnership with each customer to ensure a good understanding of each individual business. Each custom software development project is directed by a highly skilled project manager, and you can count on a team effort to get the project off to a great start and come to a successful finish. Change management will ensure complete control of the implementation process and the flexibility of our custom software solution allows it to be personalized to meet your unique business needs.

Web Development Services

Your business is built on the relationships you have with your customers. Increasingly, those relationships develop and grow over the web, making it your most critical and visible interaction to attract, retain, and delight customers, citizens, and partners. To stand out, you need to deliver a web experience that is engaging, relevant, trustworthy, and portable for every individual, every time. MeNooN offers a myriad of services such as web design, SEO, graphic design, e-commerce web development, and Internet marketing to help your company establish or improve your image and web presence.

Mobile Applications

Information sharing requirements along all levels of the command chain are evolving rapidly from both a strategic and tactical perspective. Historically, the ability to disseminate critical information to the tactical edge has been extremely difficult until recent developments in mobile technology. MeNooN has developed various solutions to this problem which enable mobile data access, visualization and dissemination to serve the unique needs of the last tactical mile.

MeNooN has been able to deliver high value data in a variety of mobile form factors to ensure quality information at all levels of the command chain. Leveraging its foundational service oriented architecture (SOA) based WebTAS solution, MeNooN’s Motus™ mobile suite of mobile applications brings real situational awareness and reporting utilities directly to the last tactical mile in a package that's both simple to use and inexpensive to field. These solutions allows warfighters in both theater and homeland security settings to view, manipulate and share critical SA on several different platforms including Apple’s iOS for iPhones and iPads and Google’s Android for several other mobile and tablet devices.

Other MeNooN solutions such as the early development release of Resero, aggregate different sources of geo-referenced data into a single view so that users can then participate in live, online collaboration and construct queries on the fly. Through an iPhone-like interface, one can either add or delete queries or data buckets through a drag and drop interface. These selections and related thematic layers can then be viewed in a time-based or temporal dimension to further improve the value of situational awareness and intelligence integrity.

MeNooN’s implementation of mobile software concentrates on the user experience and different ways to “exploit the medium.” This allows engineers to fully explore ways to take advantage of the usability of multi touch interfaces as well as provide refined and useful user feedback by leveraging the sensor inputs available in these devices, such as GPS, accelerometers, cameras, and compasses.

By using software technologies that remain to gnostic to a particular device or platform, immediate work is not rendered obsolete, and continued deployment on new devices remains possible with little difficulty. Our history in both software creation and the environments running them, gives MeNooN an extraordinary understanding of building software on mobile devices as well as awareness of the limitations encountered in real world environments.

Training Solutions

MeNooN provides a full range of training services to complement the software we develop, including documentation, classroom, self-paced training and field training services. A dedicated training staff develops and delivers training courses, material and ongoing support. During training development, a range of customized training materials are developed from self-help guides and user manuals, to formal class room materials. MeNooN trainers provide hands-on and class room training in our facilities in Lewes DE, Washington DC, Arlington VA, Tampa FL and Honolulu HI.