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Mobile Apps

High quality apps optimized with special techniques and algorithms for faster processing for iPhone and Android.


We make apps from scratch to fit your business needs and you can have the source code. We can put the apps in the Google/Apple market for you.


Professionals in optimizing software to use minimal hardware resources and deliver the best user experience.

Welcome to MeNooN!

As Android and iOS Dominate Global Smartphone Market, Powering 85% of All Devices, MeNooN LLC started to target these devices since December 2012 to help companies catch up with the global market.

We help companies to build reliable mobile apps to keep track with their customers who prefer using cell phones than regular computers. We customize apps to fit your needs even the most complex and sophisticated technologies can be easily customized by MeNooN profissional developers.

Latest Apps

  • AWW
    Personal Trainer in Your Pocket
  • ICA
    Islamic Center of America